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NSPS Stallion Inspection 2019

  • 9 maart 2019
  • By leontien
NSPS Stallion Inspection 2019

Just like all the Dutch people, apparantly, I came down with the FLU last month. I write that word in capitals, because he wás feverish and he had no intention of leaving. When he did leave me eventually (for a day or two, three..) up he came again. And again. He stayed with me all February long.
So that’s the main reason why I didn’t come up with photos earlier on.

If you are still interested in seeing some pictures of the Shetland Pony Stallions, please be my guest!

Hope you’ll enjoy them!

photo above:
Champion of the day: Hedric v Bromishet,
chestnut, sire: Winnetoy vd Gemarisahof, dam Uranka v Bromishet KR PREF, bred by mr. M.M.J. Broens, owned by mr. A.J. Steijvers;
Overall Champion: Enrique v Gelre,
black, sire: Nelantinus vd Groote Woerd PREF, dam Winx vd Bengd KR PREF, bred and owned by P. & M. v. Doorn

Renske catching her breath after showing Gerrit van Stal vd Valkenhof…. I can understand why… Gerrit was placed third in the best trotting competition. His sire is Shadow v Drieoka PREF, dam Zonette vt Hof. Gerrit is bred and owned by Vd Valk Hotels.
… and another Gerrit… Gerrit vd Bovenkamp, the man with the scary hat, resigned as head stewart at both the stallion inspection and the national championships for mares and geldings
Kaiser vt Minihoefke, 1st place new licensed stallions small section
Kalusha of Duke Stable, 1st place new licensed stallions mini section; Kadar vd Vijfmorgen, 1st place new licensed stallions medium section
Best three year old stallion: Kadinsky-H vd Wechterholt
say cheeeeeeeeese
Beste vierjarige hengst: Joep van Stal Nieuwemoed, V Zwartbont vd Kortenhof, M Plien v Stal Nieuwemoed, f dhr. S. Spoeltman, e. dhr. A. van Dijk
Dutch National Champion driven Stallions: Garant vd Mortel, driven by Jan Jans (2nd), Darwin van Groenendaal, driven by Ilse Niesing: National Champion
Best Trotting Stallion / Reserve Champion small section: Herbert van de Viersprong, Sire: Cay vd Viersprong, Dam Celice vd Viersprong
Kenwood v Gelre
Spring in the air???
Res. champion mini section: Flexability vd Colorstable, sire: Blazefield Amos, dam: Bequeena Fantasia vd Colorstable; bred and owned by Romano Geven
Champion small section: Cristiano Ronaldo of Duke Stable, sire Kotonofico v Stal Brammelo PREF, M Kitty v Graafland KR. PREF. breeder: Mr. N. den Hartog, owner: mr. G. v. Kuyk
Champion middle section / placed 2nd in ‘Best Trotting Stallion Competition’: Fonseca v St Brammelo
Res. champion middle section: Juneau vd Amstelhof; sire: Perigueux v Isala, dam Nina vd Amstelhof KR.PREF.; breeder: mrs. M. Eveleens, owner: Comb. Esschendal & Osseforth (photo mr. K. Eveleens with permission of mrs. M. Eveleens)
Champion standard section: Holland van Ruimzicht; sire: Caz v St. Nieuwemoed, dam: Clowie v Ruimzicht KR, bred by mr. G. Laperre; owned by Hengstenhouderij Kramp
Res. kampioen grote maat: Duncan vd Garderenshof, V Up to Date of Shetlane, fokker: dhr. T. v.d. Pol, eig. Vd Valk Hotels
kampioen minimaat / algemeen kampioen 2019: Hedric van Bromishet, V Winnetoy vd Gemarisahof, M Uranka van Bromishet, fokker: dhr. M.M.J. Broens, eig. dhr. A. Steijvers
Erekampioen: Enrique van Gelre, V Nelantines vd Groote Woerd, M. Winx vd Bengd, f/e Gebr. V. Doorn

(N.B.: Het opslaan c.q. publiceren van delen van dit bericht is niet toegestaan (op de foto’s berust copyright). Het gehele bericht delen is uiteraard geen probleem!) Als u deze foto’s wilt verkrijgen, neem dan even contact op.

(Please do not download or share parts or photos of this post. Sharing all of this post, obviously, is no problem at all!) If you want to obtain these pictures, please contact me.

By leontien, 9 maart 2019
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